Project Description


ATAB Certifications & Continued Education

Our core curriculum consists of the well-established Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board (ATAB) certifications CAS and CMAS, as well as a range of short security courses which could be followed by online flat form, allowing CAS/CMAS certification holders to keep their designation current and update.

Certified Anti-terrorism Specialist (CAS)

The focus of the CAS certification program is to set the standard for personnel that meet the requisite level of knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to understand and combat the threat of global terrorism, as set forth by ATAB and the International Society of Anti-terrorism Professionals.

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Certified Master Anti-terrorism Specialist

ATAB recommends individuals holding the CMAS credential as first choice when companies contact in search of instructors to conduct in-house training, and/or experts to conduct vulnerability assessments, security audits, or provide consulting services for their firms.

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Certified Executive Protection Specialist (CEPS)

Upon completion of the online portion of the course candidates are required to complete a 5 day classroom module of training covering areas such as Protective Movements, Tactical Training, Motorcade, CPR, AED, ASP, OC, IED, Room Searches, Vehicle Searches, Defensive Tactics and Formations.

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