About SERAPH Lanka Academy

Seraph Lanka is a unique establishment in the security-related training domain which is accredited by ATAB (Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board) in affiliation with Seraph Protection Group to cater to the security-related professional requisites of national and international arenas. In the business of security and protection what separates the men from the boys in training, and again training. We are proud of our continuous and committed training programmes for all managers, supervisors, and operational personnel.


Vijith Welikala


Vijith Welikala is a retired army Commando Major of the Sri Lanka Army and he was trained in various places all around the world, including the USA Rangers, as well as the Indian, Pakistani, and British Army Training teams to later become a qualified para-glider and a certified corporate coach. He is the current president of the ex-Commando legion and immediate past president of the Sri Lanka Security Service Providers Association (SLASSPA). As a leader in the security sector, he was appointed as Sri Lanka Chapter President of the Asia Pacific Security Association (APSA).


Dr. Patrick Linnenbank is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Seraph Protection Group FZE, an international armed security and (counter) intelligence firm operating out of the United Arab Emirates. He brings a unique combination of business, forensic investigative, security/law enforcement & counter/anti-terrorism expertise to the global security effort. He is a qualified SWAT sniper and Department of State Designated Marksman (Warfighter Sniper). He holds the prestigious designation of Certified Master Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CMAS) offered by the Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board (ATAB) where he also serves as the chairman of the Tactical Medicine committee. Dr. Patrick’s professional career was featured in the best-selling business book “The 10% Entrepreneur” by Patrick J. McGinnis.